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New York native, Kirsten Sadlier comes from a long lineage of artists. In 2020, her art was installed into the prestigious “Gray Sky Gallery” in Seattle, Washington where she developed and progressed in her painting career. After moving to Southern California she combined her love of surfing and the ocean with her calming, and happy abstracts, creating her object art surfboard collection.


Drawing inspiration from quiet moments in life’s loud experiences, Kirsten approaches every piece as its own story, meant to spread her joy and zest for life. She hopes to push the boundaries of painting in layers, exploring depths of movement and composition, rendering “happiness in its raw form.” 


Recently Kirsten has created sketch acrylic series titled “California Dreaming” and “The Icon Collection”, which she organically produced in her own style stemming from her lifelong love of sketching. Kirsten hopes that this playful collection freezes time and brings nostalgia while being a perennial piece in any art collection.


Kirsten has worked with some of the top interior designers nationally, and has her work permanently displayed in many hotels and restaurants throughout the country. As of lately, Kirsten and her family have relocated to Jupiter, Florida where she has set up a new studio available for visits.

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